Zendht venture studio for innovative business


Here, creativity and insight are brought together to tackle persistent client problems. Like a thoughtful movie producer, Zendht combines the right people, the necessary capital and the most forward-thinking ideas to create exciting opportunities.


The Zendht Venture Studio eco-system supports the building of tech-enabled businesses. The individual platforms all enhance customer decision-making and outcomes by ensuring transparent access to better information at fair prices.

The businesses are inter-connected, inter-related and mutually supporting. We are inspired by insight gained through our professional experience and expertise.

“Ed is an indefatigable founder of businesses, harnessing exceptional energy, insight and team building to create success”

Our ventures

Deklum Cyber



Digital safety for education: a custom portal for secure information sharing and storage.

Deklum Cyber  provides a fully functional software solution for schools to reduce cyber risk, safely manage external suppliers and control data access.

InnovateUK award winner 2020.

Vetted Adviser

Professional Services


At Vetted Adviser we have been putting clients and advisers together for the past 10 years, now it’s time to do that on-line.

Our private network is now going public. We believe the choice is yours.  The advisers don’t share their fees with us or pay for the introduction. We like to keep it simple and transparent.


Coming Soon!


Start-up Funding


Linking smart capital with bright ideas.

Leading Craftsmen

In development


Wealth Guidance


Chawker has been providing impartial investment and wealth management services since 2011.

We work for individuals, families and charities and cover public markets, private markets, real estate and alternatives.

Deputy Finance

Property Finance


Deputy Finance provides specialist property development finance from its panel of single family offices.

We accelerate the property lending process by connecting seasoned developers with experienced single family offices that are able to make prompt  credit decisions.

Lamwyk Journal

Insight & Interest


The Lamwyk Journal delivers both range and reach: we cover a broad range of topics for a diverse community of motivated and engaged people.

Selbey Anderson

Ed is a co-founder of Selbey Anderson, a leading marketing and creative agency group. It derives its expertise from the careful acquisition of specialist agencies, from PR firms to digital platform builders.

Today Selbey Anderson is made up of a growing number of agencies. The vision is to create an agency group that can truly operate as specialists at scale.

Drum Horse

Business Services


Drum Horse is the business services provider underpinning the Selbey Anderson group agencies as well as numerous outside clients. Drum Horse delivers HR, learning and development, finance and IT support.

Ed Goodchild
Group Chief Executive
Zendht Venture Studio

Ed is an enthusiastic innovator and perennial entrepreneur. He is noted for identifying strong business opportunities hiding in plain view and then builds teams to deliver success. He has been an award winner in a variety of sectors, and the Zendht Venture Studio builds on this broad expertise by developing a portfolio of dynamic businesses.

Ed's career has had four distinct professional phases: a venture builder, a wealth adviser, an institutional equity portfolio manager and a peacetime Army officer. Outside work Ed holds a number of pro-bono appointments in order to give back to those in need of support.

Ed’s standout skills are creative innovation, team sourcing and building, fund raising, smart execution, and then establishing commercial success.

He is a Birmingham University graduate (BSocSc), having been educated at Winchester, and commissioned from The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst into The Household Cavalry (The Life Guards).  In his six years in the Army he served in reconnaissance, armour, mounted ceremonial, staff and airborne forces.

Ed is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment (Chartered FCSI), a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (FCIM) and a Fellow of the RSA (FRSA).

He is also a trustee of a number of charities, and a member of their investment committees.


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